Monday, January 16, 2012

Holidays and My Family!!!!

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers!!!! That's if I have any left!!!! I have been so slack!!! not really slack just a little challenged for time.... but i promise you this year I will be much better... Last year went so quick I thought I would start off by dropping by and wishing you all the very best and leave a quick post to make sure everything is still working here!! LOL ..... it seems great and I am able to now use my laptop to write posts as I was having trouble saving photo's on it!!! All organised now!!!!! Ill be back tomorrow .. I promise with a show and tell!!!!!!!!....... I should tell you .. It was Georgia's 11Th birthday yesterday and all she wanted was a fishing rod..... so we spent the day fishing .... was awesome ..though we didn't catch anything!!!! Still had fun in the sun with our loved ones!!! til tomorrow..... Michelle :)

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