Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello there!!!

Hi There.... I am so sorry I haven't popped by in a little while to show you what I have been working on ... I have been doing bits and pieces... But I have been crazy busy with a new journey I am taking myself on... I have decided I want to get fit and be more active!!! Its also about taking my life back and taking control of it..... So far I am doing very well in just 5 weeks I have lost 13.5kg... Woohooo!!!! I am Training very hard with my personal trainer and eating more than I have in a long time..... I am learning heaps about nutrition ... and my whole family has had a major overhaul in their food sources... Mind you We never ate junk food .... just eating at the wrong times and eating too much is where I ran into trouble...... So watch this space............ A WHOLE new me is on its way.... And I promise I will be back in a few short days to show you some paper crafty yummies I am working on!!! Til then I hope you are staying warm... Love Michellexxx

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