Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last Show and Tell before the big guy says Ho Ho Ho!!!

I thought I would drop a quick note and say " Merry Christmas to you all"!!! I hope you have a lovely few days with Loved ones enjoying festive food and laughter together.....

I thought id quickly show you my Christmas tree that I have made my Step Grandad to put some money in as he already has brought himself a camp chair... Isnt it cute!!!
Well I hope you all have a very Merry Time!!! I am going to celebrate and enjoy some Chrissy Cheer!!!!! Michellexx

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pretty Garden!!

I know that it is my second Post for the day but I had to show this cute little card....... I made it for my gorgeous God daughter Jessica!!! She is a little ray of sunshine!!!! So I made her a pretty garden scene complete with a busy buzzy bee !! Its was a 3rd Birthday last week !!! as it was her sisters and her mummy's a busy week in their house, but also a very special one!!!! Til Later Michellexxxxxxx

I just wanted to show you a close up of My Dragon Flies as i think they are gorgeous!!! They are chipboard and I inked and Diamentional Magic then added Stickles in Tiara colour!!!!! Arent the so pretty!!!!

Ill be back with some other presents to show and tell later!!!!! Cheers Michellexxx

Families that play will stay!!!

Hi Everyone, I am sorry it has been a little while since posts, I have been very busy making Christmas Gifts. My Dragon Fly House is is for me , I made it at a class with Judy at Scrap 2 Relax!! I used different papers and embellishments. I love it so Much !! I hung it in the hall today!! What do you think!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Flower Power!!!!!

Hi to All, I had a fun Friday night! I taught at Scrap 2 Relax and taught 6 Lovely Ladies to make the Kaiser Christmas Wreath.... We had a lovely night and saw stars at the end , but I do hope the ladies were happy with their projects. Then on Saturday I had my kids Class at Scrap 2 Relax, we made Christmas presents for their teachers. I had 5 boys and 1 girl!!!! Just awesome to see little boys enjoying paper craft, I love teaching the kids , we have such a laugh and they are all becoming so clever and improving with their skills they have learnt!!!!

On Saturday night , I had a little time up my sleeve so I created 3 Lovely cards in a family or a series, there will be a fourth but I haven't had the chance to complete it , so stay tuned...

Till then hope you have a great day!!! Michelle xx

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Hooot of a card!!

I sat down yesterday and endulged myself into some drawing as I shouted myself a Brand New 72 Pack of Derwent Pencils!!!! Oh they are sooo devine!! I started drawing and came up with this cute little Owl, I am really enjoying Bird Life at the moment , we have 2 baby finches in a nest at the back door which the kids and the adults Shane and I are checking daily , watching their feathers grow, It truly is amazing . We also have baby Kookaburra's around at the moment also, watching for something to swoop down and grab for dinner.

My little Owl is in one of my favorite color derwents " Jade" and of course decorated with Stickles to give that extra sparkle !!! Hope you are having a Hoot of a week end!!!! Michellexxx

Weddings in the Air!!!

My Lovely sister is having a run of Weddings and had 2 last week over the cup day long weekend. I promised her I would make her 2 cards and here they are. The photo didnt really turn out that well but you get the idea. The Silver Vallium was a very bright a metallic , and was just gorgeous complete with some jakk paper and silver glitter.... 2 very Blingy Wedding Cards!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Russian Babies

I have had these cute dollies in my studio for ages so I got to it on the week end and put them together.... I had a set of the dollies when I was little and I am so pleased to have a set again ... But , I am supposed to be giving them to my gorgeous sister... maybe ..... just maybe, Ill mind them for a little while, I am sure that would be okay..... I have a list of things to do over the weeks leading up for Christmas so I will be updating my blog with lots of show and tells!!!

I also did a class last night with Julie at Scrap 2 Relax, we made a cover for a chocolate block, a very good pressie!! I had heaps of fun with lovely ladies all sharing our love of paper craft!!!... Okay take care til next time Michelle xxx

Busy Busy Bee

Hi to all, I so inspired at the moment and I have been blessed with lovely quiet family time that I can escape up into my little space and create..... So show and tell time...... First I have finished the Kaiser Christmas Wreath for my class at Scrap 2 Relax, there are two classes for this in November.... Its is so beautiful and I am just in love with how it finished!!!!! Have a peak!!!........okay for next show and tell........

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to my WONDERFUL Dad!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my Dad!!! We are born exactly a week apart, my birthday is on the 3rd and Dad's is on the 10th. Last week for my birthday we helped my wonderful sister and her husband move house. They are expecting their first bundle of joy and their unit was fast becoming to small!! We had a lovely day together as a family...... Tonight , I am cooking Chicken breast fillets stuffed with Camembert Cheese and Prawns mmmm , cant wait!!! and I have made Dad a White Chocolate Mud cake for his birthday Cake.!!! He will blow out his candles with the help from Georgia and Regan!!!!

Have a look at the card I made for him!! It makes me feel so peaceful , looking at the boat on the water.!! Easy to make and I am happy with the result, knowing me I just had to add just a touch of bling with the glitter and Rhinestones on the boat!!!

Hope you are having a great weekend in the sunshine , like my family is!!!!!!!

Cheers, Michelle xxx

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Christmas has come early!!!

Hi To Everyone, I wanted to show you the Christmas Cards that I have designed for my October Classes at Scrap 2 Relax. I used the brand new Christmas Papers from Kaiser!!! It is the most gorgeous papers and colours and I was so inspired that I was not able to stop just at two cards! Then I couldnt decide which ones to teach , so I gave that job to Karen as I loved them all!! What do you think???? MMMM I cant wait to make them for all of my friends and family for Christmas!!!! Cheers Michellexx

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mother Daughter Day out!! Wow we had Fun!!

I am back much sooner than I thought but the kids are playing outside in the lovely sunshine , I thought I'd strike while the iron is hot and show you the books Georgia and I made!!

The Dragon Fly one is Mine this was made with Kaiser papers and Chip board Flowers that I inked then put a little Stickles , just because I love all things Shiny!!! And Georgia is the pale pink Flowers also with Kaiser papers and Georgia used Paper Flowers and Kaiser Bling in the pearls to decorate ..... Didnt she do a amazing job!!

Thanks to Julie and Karen for Helping along the way with Georgia!! I had so much fun sitting and doing a class at Scrap 2 Relax and Julie is a great teacher..... There we go Ill be back with my Christmas Cards . Till then Cheers Michellexx

Family '"Together"

Hi To everyone, Last post I was hoping to pop back much sooner then now. But Life is way to busy for all and today is the first chance i have had.

I have been teaching lots at " Scrap 2 Relax" and loving it!!!! I have had Childrens classes which spilled over from last holidays, I had 7 lovely ladies in on Friday night and we all had a fantastic time!

Last Friday night I was so fortunate thanks to Karen !! I was able to attend the Q2 launch for Kaiser in Geelong, it was fantastic. The new ranges are awesome, the girls papers made me go all red and flushed with excitement..... Stay tuned and I will be able to show you a series of Christmas Cards made from one of the ranges. Karen asked me to design some Christmas cards out of them for my October Classes, I have made five and I am so proud of them I am going to have to leave it up to Karen to decide which ones make the class list!!! I can not chose!!!

I have also made a layout with a dear photo to me , of my little family at my sisters wedding. I am so pleased with the result and have a peak!!

Anyway I will be back in the next few days to show you my Christmas Cards and also............ Georgia and I attended a class at Scrap 2 Relax to make " A Birthday Book" we had so much fun , I want to show you the end results, I am so proud of my little princesses , she did a amazing job!!!! For now Take Care Michellexxx

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Way to many days of Stillness!!!!!

After way to many days of crafty stillness!!! I am bursting with so many visions!!!! You know the type that wake you at 3.ooam in the morning saying " Go on Create Now" but you are way to tired to answer!!!! Well that has been ME!! in the last few weeks. Sick Billy Lids ( kids) and a unhappy mummy ( I hate it when my kids arent feeling well) and its not a good mix!!........ But, everything is calming down so I just wanted to drop by and say STAY TUNED!!! its all about to kick into gear...... Cant wait to show you what I have been up to, so I thought i'd drop be to TEASE!!!!!! Until next time .... which wont be long ........... stay smiling!! Cheers Michellexxxx

Friday, July 31, 2009

Look at my Beeeautiful Bee!!!!!

I just thought I'd drop by and show you my little bee that I drew and coloured in with my water coloured crayons and my Aquash Brush ( A paint brush but it has a storage tube for water, rather than re dipping the brush in water).... I put this little Bee on a card I made for my dad as he has been in hospital!! I love him or her!! a very cute and bright face to brighten my Dads day!! Well I hope it did!!! Have a great Week end....... Michellex

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday 30th of July........

Hi to all, Finally I have been able to come back to my blog and add some of the things that I have been working on ! Though this week has been a little bit of a struggle to find the time. My daughter Georgia has torn a ligament and a muscle in her ankle so I have been fairly busy tending to her needs, as all of us mothers could imagine.

I am Traveling to Rawson on Saturday to teach at" Scrap 2 Relax" annual retreat, I am looking forward to catching up with some of the lovely ladies that I have met whilst they have been attending my classes at the shop. My Subject to teach is a Gift Tag and a Card made with Acertate and of course cardstock. I pulled out my favourite "Weapon" my Cuddlebug and this is what I have come up with.................. Well at the top of the Post you can see!!!!!
I just love Pink and Brown Shades together, it to me has the perfect mix!!!!!
Hopefully from now on I will be a busy little bee, and be updating all the time my projects that I am having fun with!!! So til then , Have Fun !!!!! Michellex

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wooo Hooo I am excited!!!!!!!!

I am very excited , I have been dreaming of starting my own blogg after visiting and loving many bloggs in " Blogg Land". I am a mum of two gorgeous Kids Georgia who is 8 yrs old and my little man Regan who is 3yrs old. I am a stay at home mum , but often refer to myself as my husband's (Shane) "Domestic Goddess"............ But I am also on the design team of my local Scrapbooking andPapercrafting Shop in my Home town, called Scrap 2 Relax!!!!!!! I love working with 3 other Talented Ladies!!! I have met some lovely fellow crafters and look forward to teaching my classes!!! Well thats it for today!!!!! I have taken my first step into Blog Land!!!!!!! and I must say it has been something that I have been thinking of for sometime. I will post pictures of my current projects, I always have more than one thing on the go!

In my great Love of PaperCraft , my daughter Georgia has also taken up the tools and started as well, so I will Post some pictures of her projects!! I am very proud of her, I think she is really talented! Ok till next time! Take Care ..... Michellexx