Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to my WONDERFUL Dad!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my Dad!!! We are born exactly a week apart, my birthday is on the 3rd and Dad's is on the 10th. Last week for my birthday we helped my wonderful sister and her husband move house. They are expecting their first bundle of joy and their unit was fast becoming to small!! We had a lovely day together as a family...... Tonight , I am cooking Chicken breast fillets stuffed with Camembert Cheese and Prawns mmmm , cant wait!!! and I have made Dad a White Chocolate Mud cake for his birthday Cake.!!! He will blow out his candles with the help from Georgia and Regan!!!!

Have a look at the card I made for him!! It makes me feel so peaceful , looking at the boat on the water.!! Easy to make and I am happy with the result, knowing me I just had to add just a touch of bling with the glitter and Rhinestones on the boat!!!

Hope you are having a great weekend in the sunshine , like my family is!!!!!!!

Cheers, Michelle xxx

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  1. Great card Michelle. I think we will have to do this one as a class at Scrap 2 Relax. Well done. Karen.