Friday, July 31, 2009

Look at my Beeeautiful Bee!!!!!

I just thought I'd drop by and show you my little bee that I drew and coloured in with my water coloured crayons and my Aquash Brush ( A paint brush but it has a storage tube for water, rather than re dipping the brush in water).... I put this little Bee on a card I made for my dad as he has been in hospital!! I love him or her!! a very cute and bright face to brighten my Dads day!! Well I hope it did!!! Have a great Week end....... Michellex

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday 30th of July........

Hi to all, Finally I have been able to come back to my blog and add some of the things that I have been working on ! Though this week has been a little bit of a struggle to find the time. My daughter Georgia has torn a ligament and a muscle in her ankle so I have been fairly busy tending to her needs, as all of us mothers could imagine.

I am Traveling to Rawson on Saturday to teach at" Scrap 2 Relax" annual retreat, I am looking forward to catching up with some of the lovely ladies that I have met whilst they have been attending my classes at the shop. My Subject to teach is a Gift Tag and a Card made with Acertate and of course cardstock. I pulled out my favourite "Weapon" my Cuddlebug and this is what I have come up with.................. Well at the top of the Post you can see!!!!!
I just love Pink and Brown Shades together, it to me has the perfect mix!!!!!
Hopefully from now on I will be a busy little bee, and be updating all the time my projects that I am having fun with!!! So til then , Have Fun !!!!! Michellex

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wooo Hooo I am excited!!!!!!!!

I am very excited , I have been dreaming of starting my own blogg after visiting and loving many bloggs in " Blogg Land". I am a mum of two gorgeous Kids Georgia who is 8 yrs old and my little man Regan who is 3yrs old. I am a stay at home mum , but often refer to myself as my husband's (Shane) "Domestic Goddess"............ But I am also on the design team of my local Scrapbooking andPapercrafting Shop in my Home town, called Scrap 2 Relax!!!!!!! I love working with 3 other Talented Ladies!!! I have met some lovely fellow crafters and look forward to teaching my classes!!! Well thats it for today!!!!! I have taken my first step into Blog Land!!!!!!! and I must say it has been something that I have been thinking of for sometime. I will post pictures of my current projects, I always have more than one thing on the go!

In my great Love of PaperCraft , my daughter Georgia has also taken up the tools and started as well, so I will Post some pictures of her projects!! I am very proud of her, I think she is really talented! Ok till next time! Take Care ..... Michellexx