Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy 2013 to All of my beautiful Readers!!!

Hello to all my dear and Beautiful Readers and Followers!!! Happy 2013 to you all!!! I have missed my Blog and surfing around Blog land. Late last year my family had our own fair share of downs... and some ups .. but it was a hard time! We lost my beloved Grandmother , a lady who I have seen at least twice a week for 37 years.. I lived next door to her for 22 years seeing her everyday ! It is where I inheritated my love of Art and Craft and my passion for drawing and colouring ! My Grandma rocked my world and I'm with a heavy heart moving through each day!! But in saying that My Grandma was a very strong and tough lady , qualities I would like to hope I have flowing through my blood!! So onwards and Upwards 2013 is going to be a great year for my family !! Including my Grandpa who is now living alone after 70 years .... But he is blessed to have a AWESOME family around him!! xxxxxxx
Anyway enough of the chatter ... I have been colouring ,, and I cant stop so I wanted to show you what I have been up to . My creative brain was affected with some big changes last year with my personal life and seeing my resign from my position at Scrap 2 Relax. I am now excited about the future and what the future holds for me. I am still on the design team at , I love being part of Karen from Hooked on Crafts wonderful team ! and I'm now wondering and thinking I might apply for some other positions if I see something that interests me ! 
Look below and see what I have been colouring , I love the beautiful images from Saturated Canary ... Krista Smith is a inspiring artist and I put effort and time into every image as I believe they are all each a piece of artwork!!! I love them~!!! 

This is Vintage Violet ..... How cute is she ???????

The reds and Violets are different ... But I love her!!!!!

And Look at this little Treasure isnt she just beautful !!!!!! xxxxxx

And below is nothing at all to do with my Craft .. But I had to share , people that are close to me and know me well know that Horses are a big part of my life !!! I have friends that train Harness Racing Horses , I help out at their stables every couple of days and I love the Animal so much!!! Last night my favourite boy Artique we call him " Bill" won his race!! I was lucky to be there and meet him when he came off the track with the driver !! I was so excited as Man oh Man!!!! I love this horse !!!! So I wanted to share!!!!!!!

Okay time to sign off now as I have cooked a yummy roast for dinner!!!! Please leave a comment and say Hi I would love to hear from you all!!!!! Love and Hugs !!! Michellexxxxxxxx


  1. Yay! - you are back - looking forward to seeing your 2013 masterpieces.

  2. Very Very Exciting Chris!!!!! I feel I have finally found my feet again!! Look out !!!! lol xxxx Much love and Hugs !