Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Start of the SIlly Season!!!!

Our Christmas Tree was put up today it is always a family affair ..... We always finish with a family blessing said by My Wonderful Husband and my cherubs stand around us with the Magic of Christmas in their eyes..... This year I changed the colour scheme to Teal Blue and Silver... We have had Pink and Silver in the last few years, Big W has the most beautiful Christmas Tree Decorations .......... I love our Tree... :) :)

A very Blinged up Butterfly............. See we can never have enough bling!!! ...

Look at this cute little bird, how pretty is it????

A beautiful Blinged up Reindeer hanging off the branches

Here is my Angel on our Christmas Tree!! My Nana left us 4 years ago and my Step Grandad joined Nana in July ...... Nana always loved Christmas and would look forward to having her family with her..... Merry Christmas my beautiful Nana!!! I will miss you Always xxxxxxxxx

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