Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh What a lovely Weekend

What A beautiful day today , We have had the nicest weekend together as a family.... Its been a very long time where we have had no plans and we were able to float and do things together. We even managed a couple of hours at the park today and Shane and I sat in the sunshine and chatted whilst our cherubs rode their bikes and played on the equipment!!! Was just awesome to enjoy a chat and cuddle with Shane watching our babies play so happily together... I treasure these moments!!!!!!
Last night I enjoyed some colouring in ... hehehe and today I made them into cards.... As promised Edwin.... What do you think???

Bellow is another sweet Tilda Card. I just love these stamps and what you can do to dress them up , My Copics are surely getting used hahahaha

And another, I was so lucky and excited that my sister brought this for me... I have been raving about these stamps to her and she surprised me with a couple of them!!! Stay tuned because there is another series just about to hit the floor at my favourite place in the world... .... They are all gorgeous and we even have the most delightful Animal... not telling what it is?????? a SURPRISE!!!!!!

Anyway I have made the choice I am not cooking tonight and wrecking such a beautiful day ..... Its take out for this family!!!! Hope you have had a lovey day and weekend.... Til next time , Take Care .. Love Michellexxxx
My Blessings; The Sunshine and enjoying it with my Cherubs and Hunky Husband...xx hehehe
And still my Copics and Magnolia Stamps!! hahaha


  1. They are just beautiful cards Michelle. It was a beautiful day today, spent most of it travelling all over the place trying to find standard roses & azalas for our garden. It is nice spending time with loved ones on such a beautiful day. Keep up the good work with the colouring in.
    Karen xxx

  2. Aww thanks Karen!!! Want it just the best , hope you found some of the things you were looking for.... Guess what?? I am just about to start colouring in again!!! hahaha